Pre-flight planning is one of the most important steps to a safe flight, is endorsed by NATS

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Plotting a course

Learn how to reduce the risk of mid-air collision and airspace infringements.

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View from the cockpit

Join the airfield circuit safely by using a standard overhead join.

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The Airspace & Safety Initiative (ASI) is a joint CAA, NATS, AOA, GA and MoD effort to investigate and tackle the major safety risks in UK airspace.

It emerged from a top-level discussion between the CAA Chairman, NATS Chief Executive and MoD Assistant Chief of the Air Staff following a number of incidents where light aircraft infringed controlled airspace, or military and commercial flights lost separation outside controlled airspace.

The ASI is a major initiative with the aims of:

  • enhancing safety outside controlled airspace,
  • identifying the hazards associated with the use of UK airspace,
  • identifying the needs of all airspace users,
  • prioritizing the hazards and
  • developing a strategy to mitigate those risks while meeting the needs of all airspace users.

It includes working groups on Air Traffic Services Outside Controlled Airspace (ATSOCAS), infringements, airspace design and classification, equipment carriage, and off-route commercial operations.