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This microsite provides information for private pilots around the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games airspace restrictions.

How will the restrictions work?

The UK Government has announced that airspace restrictions will be put in place for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games from 13 July – 6 August 2014, around Games venues and the athletes’ village.

A series of temporary event-based restrictions will also be put in place across Scotland for the duration of the triathlon, road cycle, shooting, and diving events.

The only aircraft that will be exempt from all restrictions generally include police, emergency medical services, and aircraft operating on behalf of the Commonwealth Games host broadcaster.

Commercial passenger flights to and from Glasgow Airport and Edinburgh Airport will not be affected. This is because these flights will have undergone crew, passenger and baggage screening in accordance with the relevant aviation security programme.

All restrictions have been developed by the Government to ensure delivery of a safe and secure Games.

Interceptions and emergencies

The restrictions will be monitored and enforced by the Ministry of Defence. If an aircraft enters any of the restricted airspace without permission, or deviates from a flight plan or pre-notified route without notification, then it may be intercepted by a military aircraft and met by the police on landing.

If you have permission to use restricted airspace but need to divert from your flight plan or pre-notified route, it is vital that you tell air traffic control. If you think you have infringed restricted airspace or have any kind of emergency in the vicinity you must call on the appropriate frequency, and check the relevant ‘listening squawk’ (if allocated by an ATC unit) is being used.

If you are not heard by, or cannot establish contact with, a controller, call the distress and diversion cell on 121.5 MHz and squawk 7600. The controller will immediately help you. If you are intercepted then you should follow the instructions given.

 Download the Actions on Interception leaflet