Pre-flight planning is one of the most important steps to a safe flight,
is endorsed by NATS

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Learn how to reduce the risk of mid-air collision and airspace infringements.

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View from the cockpit

Join the airfield circuit safely by using a standard overhead join.

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Give yourself a safety margin. Plan to stay 2 nm from the edge of controlled airspace and stay 200 ft above or below it.

Flying in the Solent Area

> Flying in the Solent Area

Golden rules from the Solent Local Airspace Infringement Team offering tips for flying in the Solent Area.

Airprox Campaign

> Poster

> Leaflet

The UK Airprox Board has developed some core advice for general aviation pilots to help reduce the risks of airprox incidents involving GA aircraft

Eurocontrol: Ten tips for GA pilots

> Top ten tips for GA pilots

Ten ways to avoid an infringement, largely based on good airmanship and common sense.

Airprox magazine

> Airprox 2017

The UK's Airprox safety magazine - published annually by the UK Airprox Board.

Past copies of the magazine are available from the UK Airprox Board website: UK Airprox Board

Leaflets and posters

> One second transponder check

In several instances pilots have triggered an emergency response by mistakenly dialing in an emergency transponder code when meaning to select a 7000 squawk.

> NATS Bristol airspace guide

A NATS guide to using the Bristol airspace - including changes to the VRP.

> What to do if you infringe – poster

Advice on what to do if you think you've infringed to help minimise the impact and safely resolve the situation.

> RIN GPS syllabus for visual navigation training

Produced by RIN this is a guide to using GPS for visual navigation

> NATS Airspace Infringement letter to flying clubs

> Cost of Infringement poster

> Joe Pasquale advert

> Bruce Dickinson advert

> MoD guide for flying safely across the Channel

> Glider winch cable warning poster

> Plan your flight poster

> Unregulated aircraft safety

> R/T Kneeboard 2011 version

> Plymouth Military Radar

A guide to air traffic services offered to GA pilots by the Plymouth Military Radar unit

> RNAS Yeovilton

A guide for GA pilots flying into this Royal Navy operated aerodrome