Pre-flight planning is one of the most important steps to a safe flight,
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Learn how to reduce the risk of mid-air collision and airspace infringements.

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View from the cockpit

Join the airfield circuit safely by using a standard overhead join.

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Single UK Distress and Diversion (D&D) cell

On 12 Dec 2012 the Scottish D&D Cell located at Prestwick will close.  The London D&D Cell located at Swanwick will then assume responsibility for both the London and Scottish FIRs/UIRs.

All tasks and responsibilities currently carried out by the Scottish D&D Cell will be taken on by the London D&D Cell. The callsign “London Centre” will be used by the D&D Cell to cover both the London and Scottish FIRs/UIRs.  The callsign “Scottish Centre” will no longer be used from the changeover date.

Any reporting action or enquiries which would previously have been made to the Prestwick Centre should be made through the Single D&D Cell at Swanwick.