Farnborough International Airshow 2022

Restricted Airspace (Temporary) and Temporary Holds

Monday 11 – Sunday 24 July

Download this information: Farnborough International Airshow 2022 Awareness (NATS)

Restricted Airspace (Temporary)

AIC M 059/2022 details the RA(T)s

Two RA(T)s are established for the duration of the Airshow and pre-airshow validation week.

Areas 1 to 4 active during air displays (by NOTAM).
Areas 5 to 9 active when not displaying.

Normal Farnborough Controlled Airspace will ALSO remain active during normal notified times. Pilots are still required to obtain a clearance to enter CAS.

RA(T) crossing will be provided when possible by Farnborough Radar – 125.250 Mhz.

Pilots should avoid operating in vicinity of RA(T)s, particularly just below.

Areas 1- 4 (Display RA(T))

Areas 5-9 Normal RA(T))

Temporary Holds

AIP SUPP 039/2022 details the Holds

Two temporary holds have also been established to assist with Airshow traffic that needs to hold prior to a display/for weather etc.

Holds are only available at 3000ft and available between 0700 and 1900 (UTC) from 11 to 22 July 2022.

The Primary Hold is located between Alton, Haslemere, Midhurst and Petersfield.

The Secondary hold is located on the Southern Edge of Newbury, turning away to the South of the town in a right-hand pattern.

Information of Hold activity can be obtained from Farnborough LARS West on 125.250 Mhz
It is requested, where possible, that aircraft remain clear of the Hold areas at all times.

Holds in relation to Display RA(T)

Holds in relation to Normal RA(T)

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