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North West

The North West Local Airspace Infringement Team (LAIT) has produced a poster to help remind pilots to give themselves a safety margin and help avoid causing an infringement.

Remember TAKE2:

  • Plan to stay 2 nm from the edge of Controlled Airspace
  • Plan to stay 200 ft above/below Controlled Airspace

The team have been working together to help reduce airspace infringements in the area around Manchester airport.

Download PDF – TAKE2


The Solent Local Airspace Infringement Team (LAIT) has published tips on flying in the Solent area to help pilots minimise the change of causing an airspace infringement.

Since 2015, local organisations have been working to reduce airspace infringements in the area around Southampton Airport (the Solent Radar area).

The good news is that infringement numbers are down. By following these tips pilots can help keep this trend on track.

Download PDF – Flying in the Solent Area


The two Stansted TMZs were established in 2009 as a result of the large number and severity of controlled airspace infringements in the vicinity of Stansted Airport.

The Stansted LAIT has published this guide to the TMZ.

Download PDF – Stansted TMZ

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