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Airspace Infringement Working Group

The Airspace Infringement Working Group (AIWG) is a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sponsored cross-industry Working Group. Its purpose is to monitor airspace infringement data and identify trends in order to identify, propose and instigate corrective actions in order to significantly reduce the incidence of, and risks associated with, airspace infringements for the benefit of all airspace users. In identifying causal factors and determining corrective actions, AIWG will consider whether airspace design or pilot training and competency are features of the pattern of infringements.

Having considered statistical or other evidence, the AIWG will make recommendations for corrective action to the appropriate regulatory or industry body. It will also act through its membership to alleviate potential problem areas where this is deemed appropriate. Such recommendations may seek regulatory change, or the development of appropriate education and awareness material, and may either be UK-wide, site-specific, or user-specific. Membership includes representatives from:

Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP)
  • Air Navigation Solutions Limited
  • Air Traffic Control Services Limited
  • Association of United Kingdom Flight Information Service Officers
  • Birmingham Airport Air Traffic Limited
  • NATS
  • Southend Airport ATC
  • Airport Operators’ Association
  • Airport Operators’ Group
Associations, Aviation Groups and Others
  • British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association
  • British Gliding Association
  • British Microlight Aircraft Association
  • General Aviation Safety Council
  • Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers
  • Independent Pilot/PhD Student
  • Light Aircraft Association
  • London LAIT (Blackbushe Airport)
  • PPL/IR Europe
  • Vintage Aircraft Club
Regulatory Bodies
  • CAA, Airspace, Air Traffic Management and Aerodromes
  • CAA, Communications
  • CAA, Flight Operations
  • CAA, General Aviation Unit
  • CAA, Safety Performance & Risk
  • Military Aviation Authority

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Local Airspace Infringement Teams

Local Airspace Infringement Teams (LAIT) have been set up in eight UK infringement hot-spots.

  1. Gatwick serving Gatwick CTR/CTA
  2. London serving London CTR/London City CTR/CTA
  3. Luton serving Luton CTR/CTA
  4. Midlands serving Birmingham CTR/CTA and East Midlands CTR/CTA
  5. North West serving Manchester and Liverpool CTR/CTA, Hawarden RMZ and Barton ATZ
  6. Stansted serving Stansted CTR/CTA
  7. Wessex serving Southampton CTR/Solent CTA, Bournemouth CTR/CTA and Farnborough CTR/CTA
  8. Yorkshire & Humberside serving Doncaster Sheffield CTR/CTA, Leeds Bradford CTR/CTA and Humberside ATZ

Each LAIT is focused on reducing of airspace infringements through local and initiatives and targeted actions. This work is reported to the CAA’s Airspace Infringement Working Group (AIWG) and shared between LAITS for UK-wide infringement reduction. The membership of each Team includes (but is not be limited to) the following representatives:

  • Airport Operator
  • Airline representatives
  • Air Navigation Service Provider (both Tower and Approach if required)
  • Adjacent ATC units
  • Adjacent aerodromes
  • Airspace4All
  • CAA
  • General Aviation Safety Council
  • Local airspace users (including General Aviation and Military)

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Infringement Coordination Group

The Infringement Coordination Group (ICG) is CAA led multi-disciplinary Regulatory team which reviews reports of alleged airspace infringements in accordance with CAP1404 under a Just Culture. It uses all available material, including Mandatory Occurrence Reports and supplementary information submitted by the airspace controlling authority, information submitted by the pilot and any previous records held by the CAA. It assesses the severity of these incidents and determines appropriate remedial measures to prevent a recurrence. The Group’s membership comprises CAA representatives from:

  • Airspace, Air Traffic Management and Aerodromes (AAA), Safety & Airspace Regulation Group (SARG)
  • General Aviation Unit, SARG
  • Pilot Licensing Policy, SARG
  • Safety Performance & Risk, SARG
  • Flight Operations, SARG
  • Investigations and Enforcement Team, Office of the General Counsel

It also includes representation from the MoD’s aviation regulator, the Military Aviation Authority (MAA).

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