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Airspace & Safety Initiative / Safety through collaboration

Stansted information

Flying in the Stansted area

Wessex information

Flying in the Solent area

North West information

Flying in the North West

Birmingham CTA-1

New infringement occurrence

East Midlands CTA-2

Hot-spot update

Denied airspace access?

Online reporting form

Flying over gliding sites

Planning around winch launch sites

Radio Telephony planning

Online tutorial

Area FMC guides

Listening squawks

Hot-spot narratives

  • Helping to avoid infringing airspace at known hot-spots


Infringement occurrences

  • Infringement occurrences
  • Controller’s stories
  • Radar replays


Cards and guidance

  • Resources from across the site to download


Infringement groups

  • Local Airspace Infringement Teams
  • Airspace Infringement Challenge Group
  • Infringement Coordination Group



  • Reported infringements
  • Airspace Infringement Team decisions
  • Casual factor analysis


Pre-flight planning

  • Route planning and preparation
  • Threat & Error Management
  • Contingency planning


UK Flight Information Services

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