Reported infringements

2024 reported infringements by month

Airspace Type  Jan     Total
CTA 23 23
TMA 10 10
CTR 10 10
ATZ 6 6
MTA/Restricted/Danger Areas 2 2
Temporary Restricted/Danger Areas 0 0
TMZ 4 4
RMZ 0 0
CAS-T 0 0
Total 60 60

Reported infringement statistics relate to all infringements occurring in UK airspace and those in non-UK airspace which involve pilots holding a UK-issued pilot’s licence.

Reported infringements: 2017 – 2023

CAA Airspace Infringement Team decisions

The number of MORs processed each month do not correspond numerically to those reported in the same month due to the time taken to collate MOR, pilot and supporting supplementary reports.

2024 decisions by month

  Jan %
No AI 5 7 %
AI but No Further Action 8 12 %
Closed with no further action: Military 3 4 %
Closed with no further action: Students 2 3 %
Advisory Letter 31 45 %
Online tutorial and test 6 9 %
Airspace Infringement Awareness Course (AIAC) 9 13 %
Practical Training 5 7 %
Provisional Suspension 0 0 %

Airspace Infringement Team decisions: 2019 – 2023

Casual factor analysis

Annual reports are produced by a sub-group of the Civil Aviation Authority’s Airspace Infringement Working Group (AIWG). The group currently includes three people, all independent of the UK Civil Aviation Authority: two industry experts whose experience covers microlight flying and instruction, higher performance commercial and IFR flying and instruction alongside a third member with experience in SEP flying and PhD level work in causal factors.

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