Barton Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ)

The ATZ at City Airport and Heliport (Manchester Barton) has been infringed 23 times so far in 2018 in the period to 2 November. Analysis has shown the main causal factor to be a lack of understanding by pilots as to their responsibilities prior to recovery to the aerodrome or whilst intending to transit through the ATZ.

The ATZ (circle of radius 2nm from surface to 2000 ft agl (2073 ft amsl)) is established to protect aircraft during critical stages of flight. Failure of the commander to obtain information from the flight information centre to enable the flight to be conducted safely within the aerodrome traffic zone not only compromises flight safety but is a breach of Rule 11 of The Rules of the Air 2015.

All operators are to ensure that they are familiar with Rule 11 and the activation times of the ATZ prior to operating in/in the vicinity of such airspace:

SI 2015 No. 840 CIVIL AVIATION The Rules of the Air Regulations 2015

November 2018

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