Birmingham CTA/CTR infringements

To 11 August 2019, 59% (17 of 29) of reported Birmingham CTA/CTR infringements were inside CTA2, the Control Area immediately to the south of the CTR (CTA2 1500ft – 4500ft).

Main causal factors identified related to poor altimetry (pilots operating on Wellesbourne or Coventry QFE or RPS instead of the Birmingham QNH) or poor navigation.

Pilots intending to overfly the VRP at M40 Junction 15 at Warwick should note this lies underneath CTA2.

To avoid infringing CTA2:

  • use a moving map
  • plan your flight, paying attention particular to vertical extents of controlled airspace
  • use the Birmingham Listening Squawk of 0010 and listen out on 123.980 MHz
  • ensure use of the Birmingham QNH
  • and/or ‘TAKE2’


Download PDF – TAKE2

Birmingham Airport VFR Pilot Guide

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